Royalty free house music for fashion, style, leisure and more

Since its humble beginnings in the Chicago club scene in the 1980s, house music has evolved into a popular genre that continues to catch the attention of music fans worldwide. With its characteristic 4/4 electronic beat, off-beat hi-hats, pumping basslines and synth hooks, house music has that something which gets people on their feet. The music has a certain style which suits the fashion, leisure, nightclub and luxury brand industries. You’ll see its a popular choice as background music for video productions in these categories.

Here are some examples of videos featuring stylish house music:

House music has expanded over the years and now has many sub-genres. These include progressive house, deep house, garage house, Afro house, big room house, chilled house, future house, tropical house and more. You don’t have to go too far to hear its influence in today’s mainstream pop music. The tropical house genre is particularly popular at the moment, with the likes of Kygo dominating radio charts internationally.

If you’re looking stylish royalty free house music, then feel free to browse the “Dance” category on this site and see what you can find. Go on, feel the beat!

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